Roma Downey / Actress

Anamika, your words are like liquid flowing into me. I am beginning to understand the word ‘awakening’ as though I had been in a long deep sleep. I no longer feel isolated or separated. I feel the LOVE everywhere.
Norman Seeff / Film Director

Anamika transmits a standing wave of love and effortlessly draws us into its embrace so that the experience becomes our own. It’s simply uncanny….
Sarah Ferguson / Duchess Of York

Anamika, I can never thank you enough for being in my life. You’ve truly given me a life for the first time.
Louis Gossett, Jr. / Actor

Anamika’s energy transmission is absolutely relevant for now. It has created greater clarity, happiness and serenity.
Tom Silverman & Donna D’Cruz
Tommy Boy Entertainment

We travel around the world to experience great masters and mystery schools. We felt that our session with Anamika was very special. Our clarity and divine nature have never been stronger than after that session and our relationship has entered another dimension.
Marci Shimoff / Author

I immediately recognized Anamika’s words and energy as profund truth. Her work has allowed me to open more fully to my own truth and divinity.
Frances Fisher / Actress

Anamika’s work is beyond thought. When you experience her, you get to experience yourself.
Barbara Hamilton / International Consultant

Anamika’s work is uniquely experiential, and calls forth one’s greater sense of self.
Atarangi Muru / Maori Healer

Anamika allows many to come and smell the scents of romance, peace, love, joy, self, and much more. She knows the dimensions and realms intimately.
Holly Sorensen / TV Producer

Anamika is such a pure voice in this sea of chatter, with something so special and beautiful to give.
Irene Mink / Stylist

Anamika’s point of view is completely innovative, and brings about a whole new way of being.
Michael & Robin Mastro / Vastu

After all the years of spiritual work, with Anamika we felt something beyond information, beyond our ability to describe and we experienced it tangibly in our body and in our being.
Stephan Choiniere / Acrobat/Dancer

Anamika is on the vanguard of human evolution. She helps us awaken through a high vibration of love, which initiates powerful change.
Nathan Otto / Peace Project

Anamika is an extraordinary woman with a powerful transmission of love, and a free spirit.
Maida Millan / Photographer

Anamika, in times of “confusion” I still hear the Love which is you and the state of graciousness that always emanates from your mere presence.
Liora Mendeloff / Founder Women’s Speakers Bureau

Words can’t express how grateful I am for how you facilitate such enormous transformation.
Rob Spears / Conscious Talk Radio

After all the work I had done for years and years there was one piece that could never get completed. Anamika completed that and opened up a whole new dimension of myself.
Stephanie Parodi / Songwriter

Anamika’s transmissions bypass my mind and open my heart.
Jennifer McLean / McLean Masterworks

Anamika is special to me in particular because she is my personal coach and healer. This is someone who tricked me into doing a session with her (she didn’t really) and I am forever grateful. She is an amazing soul, a powerful transformational teacher, and an incredible guide who has these crazy gifts she came in with. As a result she has been able to have a level of consciousness and guidance with the folks she coaches that allows her to really lay it out, “Here’s what’s going on, here’s how to shift, here’s how to find and discover you.”
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