We are so much more than we know.

And… is a new way of feeling, being and creating.

It’s where evolution is inviting us to go.

People Say

“Anamika’s message could not arrive at a better time. Perhaps if I keep this book really close, I will learn to live by its wisdom.” - Barnet Bain, producer “What Dreams May Come” and “The Celestine Prophecy”

“I love the book – it is profound, and a great distillation of what Anamika imparts as a teacher and guide.” - Robin Swicord, screenwriter & film director
and… takes you out of the realm of the mind so you can embody the unique brilliance of these truths. What an amazing experience!” Jennifer Goodrich, singer/songwriter

“This book is about a metamorphosis of unimaginable proportions. I could feel the energy all the way through!” - Michael Goodrich, vocal coach

“This book is uniquely experiential and calls forth one’s greater sense of self.” - Barbara Hamilton, international consultant

“When we say ‘but’ or ‘or,’ we put a stop in place. and… opens us up boundless possibility. It’s not a one-time read; something new is always revealed!”
- Irene Mink, stylist

“Every sentence is a potent life-changing truth.” - Leerone, artist
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