French Lessons in Love
…and some lessons in language too

Beginning as an Internet language exchange, a French man and an American woman unexpectedly find themselves in a unique way of relating. Unfolding on two continents, this true story is an exploration of love and freedom, full of adventure, laughter, tears, magic and delight.

People Say

“This is an honest and beautiful portrait of two people opening to themselves and each other. It’s a beautiful book and so well written.” 
- Robin Swicord, screenwriter & film director

“It is exquisite!! This is a guidebook for relationships and a completely fresh way of relating in a new paradigm. In celebration of a triumphant piece of brilliance!” - Sue Keil, theater maker
“This is an amazing love story of growing and changing. It’s so real, open and intimate. It taught me about authentic relating which had a powerful impact on my relationship with my husband.” - Jennifer Goodrich, singer/songwriter

“I love it! So funny, full of delight, sexy, deep, warm and vulnerable. It’s an entertaining and easy read that left me wanting to know what happens next.” - Sandi Stuart, agency licensing
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