What The Hell?!

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There are many ways of interpreting this question. It could mean, “What on earth is happening in our world?” This could refer to the explosive, volatile turmoil we are experiencing at the tail end of old cycles. Or, it could imply the feelings of confusion and dread, since we don’t know what is coming.

It could also imply, “I’m changing so rapidly, I’m astonished and in awe! How is it possible that all of these beautiful miracles and unpredictably wonderful events are occurring in my life?”

As old cycles are ending, a series of important cycles are beginning. They will catalyze exponential shifts with brand new perspectives. As stories from the old cycles are falling away, you might find yourself in grief, rage, fear, and despair. You might also find yourself in the delighted curiosity and expectancy that accompany new possibilities.

When we are “stuck” in old perspectives, it may seem like they will never end and there’s no other choice. But, there’s always expansion available to experience in any given moment as well. We can embrace both the breaking down and the rebirth as part of evolution. Accepting both creates lightness and freedom which allows us to dance with the unknown. In doing so we can consciously experience ourselves as part of Creation creating itself anew.

In this workshop you will:
  • notice your reactions to old stories falling away
  • experience the vulnerability and beauty of surrender
  • embrace both states, which gives rise to new creation

The workshop lasts 90 minutes.
Community Members receive a 20% discount.

We’re happy when you’re inspired to share Anamika’s work with your family & friends. Please be aware that the cost is per person rather than per household or per computer. Thanks!


As a pioneer in spiritual metaphysics expanding the boundaries of consciousness, Anamika has been guiding people in their  explorations and discoveries through sessions and workshops for over forty years. Author of four books, she has appeared on many television and radio shows. She has a B.A. in Psychology from Wellesley College, a Ph.D. in Psychology from Columbia Pacific University and a diploma from The Barbara Brennan School of Healing. She lives in Malibu, CA. www.anamika.com
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