Healing Terror 

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As we are evolving into a new consciousness we have never experienced, many people are feeling freaked out, even terrified. They often ask, “If I’m changing in a good direction and opening up, why am I so frightened and resistant?”

When experiences are beyond our linear brain’s ability to comprehend, simply because they are new, the brain doesn’t like that. In survival, the linear brain finds safety in anticipating danger by trying to know and understand everything that is happening. It desperately needs to feel it’s in control to insure our survival. When we don’t know what’s happening, terror can be evoked, and it can feel like the end of the world.

During this time of transition into a new paradigm, many people are kicking and screaming because so many feelings are being stirred up that most people don’t want to feel. In the face of gut-wrenching terror, it’s habitual to shut down and not feel. The brain’s survival impulse is to try to do something to fix ourselves, or control the situation.

The brain wants to identify the threat in a heroic attempt to save us. It makes up stories and evidence to justify why our “perception” of threat is true. Regardless of what the perceived threat is about, whether politics, vaccines, pollution, or finance, whenever we’re in fight or flight, we find news and evidence to justify our perception of threat, instead of safety. Everything the linear brain thinks to do keeps us stuck in the terror, instead of helping us to heal it.

Terror can be churned up by expanding and opening. It can be triggered by witnessing the sickness in humanity that was formerly buried and is now being exposed. It can come from early life experiences of physical and emotional abuse or neglect that were never healed. It can also be triggered by change itself.

In early life, these hurts couldn’t be processed if no one was there to help with healing. As a result, we found ways to protect ourselves to preserve our essential nature. Self-preservation led us to hide, wall off, go numb and distrust. Inside of that defended state, we never feel truly happy and free. We feel isolated, anxious and depressed. There’s a sense of being separate, not belonging, withdrawn, cut off, and terrified. It can seem like being sucked into a black hole with no way out.

What was a necessary defense in early life becomes imprisoning when we are no longer in survival. To heal, when we bring compassion to those frightened parts, we create safety now, so they can express and release their terror. As we respond to those younger parts, they gradually see that they are no longer alone, and don’t need to stay stuck and frozen. They start to believe that life can be different. It also helps them when we choose what is deeply nurturing rather than simply comforting.

In this workshop we will:
• identify our terror
• become aware of how we make up stories to try to make sense of the world and to not feel our terror
• be present with the parts of us that are feeling terrified
• receive nurturing to heal ourselves and our world

The workshop lasts 90 minutes.
Community Members receive a 20% discount.

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As a pioneer in spiritual metaphysics expanding the boundaries of consciousness, Anamika has been guiding people in their  explorations and discoveries through sessions and workshops for over forty years. Author of four books, she has appeared on many television and radio shows. She has a B.A. in Psychology from Wellesley College, a Ph.D. in Psychology from Columbia Pacific University and a diploma from The Barbara Brennan School of Healing. She lives in Malibu, CA. www.anamika.com
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