How to share The Beautiful Language of the Heart trailer on social media:

The simplest way is to click the appropriate social media icon above. 
When posting the trailer on social media it’s helpful to include the URL and
the hashtags #BeautifulLanguageHeart and #AnamikasCommunity.
To Share on YouTube, click here to open the post on YouTube.
Then click on ‘Share’ below the YouTube video. 
To share on Facebook, click here to open the post on Facebook. Then click on the bottom right button below the video on Facebook, click on the ‘Share’ button. 
To share on Instagram, click here to open the post on Instagram. Then click on the 3 dots above the video on the right of the Instagram post, click ‘share’, then click ‘share to’ and select where you want to share it. You may also share the post by clicking the paper airplane icon at the bottom left and choosing the desired person. 
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